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Sioned and Nicola

They posed for a few pics before we headed off to bowling

p.s. yes, like I said yesterday, i straightened Nicola’s hair !


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This is Sion and the photos were taken after I straighten Nicola’s hair (!), while waiting for Shane to turn up to go bowling together !  With some white balance adjustment, taken in really low light with F/1.4, the 50mm really shines here in the low light.

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Kitty Cat

One of the neightbour’s cat came to visit, we call her Bella since she lives in Arabella St.

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New bag of coffee

How do you like this processing ?  Just opened a new bag of Hasbean Bolivia Machacamarca, so i thought i take a photo to celebrate it 😀 oh, and the the smell is wonderful !

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Was killing some time and taking pictures of random objects around the house, anything and everything.

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Continued from the previous post

So the afternoon I made my way to Nic and Sion’s house 😀 yay, not seen them both in ages and we had a night in with pizza and a movie.

Sion making a phone call.

Guess who Nic works for 🙂

I got them some xmas chocolates and look at all those take away menus !

We eventually decided on one, buy one get one free pizza from Joe’s !

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A couple of days off work !

So where would i go first? 😀

All taken with my new Canon 50mm 1.4

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