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A long time ago…..

Selective colouring, admit it, we’ve all done it, including me. My first and only time is this one shown here, taken on a university field trip back in 2003 to Hastings in East Sussex. The original was shot on Fuji NPH 400 with my Canon EOS 30, the print was then scanned in and then processed in Photoshop. This was the result. It was and still is the only selective colouring photo I have done. Since then i have never gone back into the idea or actually find selective colouring a pleasant method to process a photo, it rarely works and it takes a certain kind of photos for it to work.

So here it is.



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I went to bed early on Tuesday night so I can get up early enough to watch the results coming in.  Woke up at 4am to see the breaking news that Obama has become the 44th President of the United States.  The American Dream has come true.


Obama giving his victory speech in grant Park in Chicago, Illinois.


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Bowling !

If only she was a Jedi eh ?

STRIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes really !

I swear I had a strike (or a half strike), not sure why there are 3 pins standing after i turned around…

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Bowling Snaps

So we made it to the bowling place in Cardiff bay and I snapped more candids/portraits when i got the chance.

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