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The Rest of Boxing Day

In the afternoon, me and a friend of mine went to the driving range to hit a few golf balls and then to Maccy D’s (yes, i know, naughty us).


On the tea, where it should’ve stayed to make me look good.


“Fillet ‘O’ Fish”, I think it was fish.


We also run into a group of giant Smufs !



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Boxing day shanaigans

One of my friend is the news editor for the local news paper, like las year I went along with him to a Boxing Day Hunt in one of the local villages.  There were a good turn out and everyone was in good spirits with a minimal police presence.





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Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

I don’t really celebrate Christmas, i blame my parents for that.  I did at university when all my friends do it, presents, tree, tinsels and everything and i suspect i will do when i have a family of my own, i do quite enjoy it.  At home it feels like any other Sunday really, except It’s a Wonderful Life is on the telly instead, that or Titanic (which is odd choice for a Christmas movie I think).  Anyway, despite me not celebrating it at home, it doesn’t stop me wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

So Merry Christmas everyone !

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An early X’mas present from myself to myself

Gilmore Girls

Some say this is a girly show, but come on, the quicky chat between the mother and daughter is so sharp, witty and quick, one would need a PHD in modern pop culture to get half of what they are saying.  Definitely one of the sharpest shows since 2000.  This set you see is the US set, very Barbie like and girly but what the hell !


Bonus point if you can guess the movie being played on the TV.

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I am still here

Sorry guys not been posted on the blog for a while, I have been so busy the past month.  Everything has been so hectic, work got busier, friends getting married, i got some new gadgets, I am now in the land of Blu-Ray HD googness and Guitar Hero Rock God.   I had my first office Christmas party last week, and the theme seems to be blowing up this balloons and trying to hit someone projectile style, in the process making a lot of “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” noise when the air gushes out of the balloon.

A Rocket

A Rocket

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