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Birthday Surprise !

Thank you so much for the balloons Nicola & Siony !!! They are awesome ! 😀



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Stuck in a loop

I am still listening to the Veronicas ! Need to find some music soon or i’ll end up with this on repeat for a longgggggg time !

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The Veronicas

Today i discovered a band, a band from Australia, I say discovered but in fact recommended from a lovely friend of mine from the land down under. So, who are the Veronicas? They are twin sisters (one is famously a lesbian), if that’s not a way to attract fans i don’t know what is ! Poppy angry, slight punk (but noting like sex pistols kind of punk, think Avril Lavigne, diluted punk), and catchy, unoffensive tunes.



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Photo of Sarah getting ready on a night out, original in colour but I think the Black and White version works best.


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Go Away !

It is hard to take a photo at 16mm (crop, 24mm FF), up close, they know you are doing it !


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Danbo’s long lost cousin

For those who don’t know what Danbo, is, he (I say he, but he is fictional) is a toy created by Azuma Kiyohiko who lives with a family with some happy go lucky adventures.


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More Camera Toy

I have wanted this lens for about 2 years now, but never had the funds for one. It is fast, sharp, fits on Full frame, and weather sealed too.


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