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Hong Kong day 3

Sorry guys for the blackout, i mean, what a weekend, but i’ll come back to that later, now, more pics from Hong Kong !







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New Piano !

A bit late but its time to take up learning the piano 🙂




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Hong Kong Day 2

Day 2 was very uneventful, in fact, looking back at the photos i am trying to think what we did. We (me, sister and parents) went to see the other grandmother and then had dinner at a local restaurant and then after that, headed back and went to bed. That was about it really, quite a quiet second day, didn’t venture out to the city at all.

First, this isn’t alcohol, its tea in a glass……i guess they think it’s posh or something, personally, i think its tacky.


A waitress serving and dish, see that giant fish tank behind her? the fish below came from there just 20 mins before that, now that’s what you call fresh eh?



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Hong Kong Day 1

First day consist mostly of the flight mostly and arriving at my grandmother’s place.

We left on a Airbus 340, the older but smaller brother of the new 380, lets just say the in flight entertainment is a little dated, actually the same as the ones i used the flight back last year.  about 20 channels and the videos are on a loop, with no pause in the movie, there are no games of any sort.  I watched Twilight and The day the earth stood still, I had some noise canceling headphones with me so it was bearable but I still slept for around 6 hours on the way there.

The food was actually okay and tasty for heated up meals.  Better than most microwave meals you get in supermarkets anyway, meats are chunky and even the bread were warm.





My Gran’s place, located at the boarder crossing between Hong Kong and China, which you need a permit to get into.  It is way out of the way and there are NO Westerners there, ever, due to the permit needed.  It’s not a tourist destination for westerners, there are some locals from the region that goes near there to see the checkpoints; curiosity being the only reason i can think of, it’s just a few policeman sitting on a stool waving you pass, they just glance as it as you walk by.


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Hong Kong

I am back from Hong Kong !!!!!

Well, actually got back from last night, 12 hour flight, roughly, and it landed an hour almost ahead of schedule which was GREAT ! Total time after time zones difference it took only like 5 hours !

In the process of going through the photos and will be posting some in the coming days !

Here’s one on the flight back img_1081

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