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No Samsung NC10 for me

Argh, i hope i made the right decision.

I have returned the Acer Aspire One over the weekend mostly because the short battery life and decided I am to get the Samsung NC10.

I was just in a PC World, had the unit in my hand, got to the til, then the tech guy (who actually knows his stuff !) and I had a chat on why i wanted it, it wasn’t a sales pitch to make me get a laptop….i think, it was because some people buy netbooks thinking they are laptops and returning it when they got home realising it doesn’t have a CD-ROM. Anyway, during the conversation I realise that i don’t need it. I only want it.

Plus I also saw the 24″ iMac, which i fell love with, and seriously thinking putting money from the NC-10 towards that instead, which to be honest, £350 (after RAM upgrade) is a big chunk of the budget for a new iMac.

So bye bye NC10, was a good brief romance while it lasted !

Samsung NC10

Samsung NC10


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